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Our proposal combines not only durable and resistant to damage elements, but also unique colors, patterns, or entire structures. We encourage you to become acquainted with the proposals presented by us. Children's furniture should be functional. Currently, the market hit furniture is growing with the child, which, together with the toddler age to allow expanded. Eg. Buying a crib for the baby, you do not need two years to exchange them for a larger bed for kilkulatka. Baby is in fact designed so that even without the use of tools that can be converted into a larger bed for a toddler. This furniture is very practical, will last for years and do not ruin your pocket parents. Recipe for success is the simplicity and durability. Highly recommended are the wooden furniture with soft colors, eg. White or honey. Furniture made of MDF, unfortunately, persist longer their quality and are prone to failure. The older the child, the more things in the room - then you must purchase additional cabinets, bookcases or shelves. Smaller kids usually need a lot of space to play, so do not clutter the room with unnecessary furniture youngster. But they can be useful for storing large box of toys. For starszaka you can buy furniture moving, for example. Kubiki or stools on wheels. Our experts will help you in the selection of furniture and interior room for the baby. Come and visit us citizens of Gdynia, Gdansk, Sopot and the entire Tri-City. Together they create a perfect room for your child! ntroducing the unique elements for furnishing our smallest customers! We offer children's furniture is a combination of the highest quality, solid construction and subtle composition additionally perfectly consonance with any interior styling - maintained both in classical and modern style. We guarantee that this proposal addresses the expectations of even the most demanding customer. We offer interior furnishings, which are available in many different collections. Present among others pens, larger cots, cupboards, drawers, and rocking chairs. We understand that choosing the right products for children can be overwhelming, the number of available brands on the market today especially when it comes to children's furniture continues to grow, so our goal is to help you choose through our wide range of products tailored to the needs of your child. When buying baby furniture, common sense, functionality and, of course, aesthetics. Desk should have a large deck, compartments and drawers for books and notebooks. It is also the chair - need comfortable, with soft seat, safe for the spine. The best chairs for children are those that have the ability to adjust the seat height to the level of desktop settings that homework was comfortable and did not result in back pain. When buying new furniture, you should get at least a one year warranty. Furnishing a room for the baby, now you have a large room to maneuver. However, it all depends on your concept, creativity, wallets and size of the property room. Furniture for children - they choose to meet the needs of the child and have served at least a few years? This toddler room furnishings for parents challenge. From almost all sides around us colorful ads and catalogs of furniture stores, which does not help matters purchase. Young parents often under the influence of stress and suggestions of others opt for furniture that later completely not true. Keep in mind that the child's room is a place where a toddler playing, sleeping, growing, learning, and spends a lot of time. Children's furniture should therefore stimulate the development of the child, to be comfortable, safe and colorful. The best bet on classic furniture, wooden, which will serve years or modular furniture that grows with your child. This solution is not only ergonomically but also economical. Produced by the company furniture is functional, stable and durable. Their attractiveness is a modern, original designs and colorful colors. The modular furniture "Pietrus' allows them to any arrangement. Children's Rooms equipped with furniture of our products are child-friendly, safe and comfortable. Children's furniture is a guarantee of high quality, certified, fully safe for children and recommended by specialists in the field of children's products. Youth and children's furniture is a specialty of the existing since 1992 of Carpenter's "Pietrus'. The company specializes in complex equipment of the rooms for children in a visually appealing and safe furniture. Enjoys the trust of customers and reputation in the market with high quality products and continuous development and investment in modern technology.