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We recommend children's furniture in a large selection of colors and designs. Our children's furniture SAFETY PRECAUTIONS meet all standards and functionality, especially important when it comes to products intended for children. Our children's furniture usually are made of laminate boards. Their safety and durability decided, inter alia, the plate edge protection profile for ABS. You can purchase any of the items from each set of furniture, such as desks, wardrobes hanging, and corner cabinets, drawers, shelves, beds, and other furniture półkotapczany children. Presented by the children's furniture were presented at the Poznan International Fair and the International Furniture Fair in Osterode. Furniture are designed for self-assembly. If necessary, we also offer free technical support. We offer you the youth furniture, fit perfectly into the room of children and adolescents. We especially recommend the disc youth furniture laminate in various color options, taking into account the currently fashionable colors of furniture. We offer different sets of furniture that can be purchased together or as separate items. Our youth furniture are designed so that they can be adapted to any interior. Some contained in our offer youth furniture were presented at the Poznan International Fair. Furniture are sold in packs and accompanied by assembly instructions. If necessary, we also offer free technical support on furniture. Youth for furniture and other purchased goods in our store, you pay on delivery. Provide their own transportation throughout the country. The furniture we sell the most recognized manufacturers of Polish and foreign, such as. They offer you can find everything you need for your children's room equipment: baby, adjustable desks, chairs, furniture for students, unique decorative accessories. Children's furniture manufactured by us is a wide and rich mix where every parent can find the right products for your baby. However, we never forget that children's furniture are products for the smallest and dearest to our hearts because family members to ensure quality and safety, and it was always our priority. Children's furniture should primarily be safe, because in the store ask for certificates that confirm that the pieces of furniture meet safety standards. Baby room furniture should match the decor, be in appropriate sizes and have a rounded, smooth edges. Before buying some furniture for children should read the opinions of users in online forums. Also ask around your friends who have small children - their advice may prove valuable. Sometimes fashion does not pay, so I do not marvel at the right bed for the boy in the shape of a train or a sofa bed for girls obklejoną colored plywood with print Barbie. It is true that at the beginning of a toddler can be happy with your furniture, but after some time, when some gets older, "fairytale furniture" can it get boring - especially when it begins to have a new passion. It is better to bet on choosing furniture classics and moderate universalism. Our experts will help you in the selection of furniture and interior room for the baby. Come and visit us citizens of Gdynia, Gdansk, Sopot and the entire Tri-City. Together they create a perfect room for your child! Welcome to the website of the living room from Gdynia Kids Concept! Here you will find the largest selection of furniture and accessories for children and youth. We offer both items for infants and toddlers, as well as for older children. Selected by our furniture and accessories meet the highest safety requirements and functionality, and this is very nice. ntroducing the unique elements for furnishing our smallest customers! We offer children's furniture is a combination of the highest quality, solid construction and subtle composition additionally perfectly consonance with any interior styling - maintained both in classical and modern style. We guarantee that this proposal addresses the expectations of even the most demanding customer. We offer interior furnishings, which are available in many different collections. Present among others pens, larger cots, cupboards, drawers, and rocking chairs. We offer turnkey solutions for complete, stylish device a child's room. Our furniture and accessories are designed so as to form part of a coherent collection. Children's furniture should be functional. Currently, the market hit furniture is growing with the child, which, together with the toddler age to allow expanded. Eg. Buying a crib for the baby, you do not need two years to exchange them for a larger bed for kilkulatka. Baby is in fact designed so that even without the use of tools that can be converted into a larger bed for a toddler. This furniture is very practical, will last for years and do not ruin your pocket parents. Recipe for success is the simplicity and durability. Highly recommended are the wooden furniture with soft colors, eg. White or honey. Furniture made of MDF, unfortunately, persist longer their quality and are prone to failure. The older the child, the more things in the room - then you must purchase additional cabinets, bookcases or shelves. Smaller kids usually need a lot of space to play, so do not clutter the room with unnecessary furniture youngster. But they can be useful for storing large box of toys. For starszaka you can buy furniture moving, for example. Kubiki or stools on wheels. An assortment of Companies is very wide. It includes children's furniture for children of all ages - from infancy through the preschool period, up to the school and the youth. All furniture is made of pine wood and MDF.